Everyone counts! Any Delay by one node delays whole Value Chain.

I had a sooth great song at 5:00am, not knowing my phone was alarming for a wake up. I walked up to the kitchen and made a salad of tomatoes and onions for myself. Prepared to hit the road for work after a cold shower. Great that schools are not yet open so jam is no more and I am like how I wish it was like this for the next twelve (12) months.

To my face tries a blind-shinny array of very bright sunny morning like the skies when you wake up to heights of Kidepo National Park in the North Eastern Sub-region of the Pearl of Africa. The feeling of a holiday looming in my mind, though the brain did echo..ooh men time to hit steps for your goals of 2017 and dream/vision you yearn for.

Soon I drove into the office compound and met one colleague, walked upstairs to office, while conversing the 6bn UGX gift to government officials and Trump issue on election. Only to meet 3 other colleagues (those that support in terms of office hygiene) standing besides (outside) the door. It was 6:30am. We realized no one had the keys for accessing the office. We waited for 30 minutes and one colleague arrives…dressed in a heavy jacket, holding a helmet and bunch of keys.He humbly says good morning sir…I responded good morning sir..then he exclaims, I now know that I am of value…and I replied you are always number one priority to be happy in our team…he smiles and then opens the door for us. We then checked in (as usual) using the biometric system.

I learned that we all are very important in a team and any delay by one node delays whole value chain and end product. This will affect satisfaction of the product recipient. It is great to show all team members of their pivotal role in the organization.


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