Being one proud team

It is something to be proud of when you solely achieve! However, it sounds more interesting and bonding when knowledge, ideas, skills and techniques from colleagues contribute to completion of a goals, objectives, tasks and assignments. The most important aspect is providing each team member with roles and responsibility, creating the time frame, being supportive and checking on each other on progress (make a team member feel not forgotten), and getting together to review progress wholly.

It is very important to appreciate levels of competence as this may affect the end product, thus, requiring the team member with appropriate knowledge, skills, ideas, and techniques for a specific task (s). For example I find myself relevant discussing aspects of pastoralism, environment and natural resources, climate change, and organizational and institutional, including private sector engagement and team members become very attentive and later appreciate by saying well done. This feedback makes me feel waoow. However, in topics where I am not conversant and colleagues are good at, I challenge myself to read more about them.

Team work is important, because colleagues, leaders and subordinates have unique talents that help complement each other.

It’s however, important to be cautious on effective team-working skills as well articulated in


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